Combine new partner for Netgroup Energy

The technology consulting company Combine is a new partner to Netgroup Energy. With an exciting combination of mathematics, physics and programming, Combine strengthens the whole with expertise in control technology, automation and artificial intelligence.

In ten years, Netgroup Energy has made an outstanding journey and is today a player with a turnover of SEK 110 million and a position as a supplier in the Swedish energy market. Primarily in the nuclear power industry but also in other energy areas.

Control technology, automation and AI
When Combine, with 70 well-qualified consultants, now becomes a partner, it means a strategic strengthening of Netgroup Energy's offering.

- Combine expands Netgroup Energy's service offering with software-based services in control technology, automation and artificial intelligence, says Combine's Vice President, Simon Yngve.

- Automation is used to control plants. Control engineering is about controlling and optimizing the operation of facilities. Artificial intelligence is also something you can use to predict, optimize and gain insights into your operations. 

Technology from other industries becomes available
For Combine, the partnership is an opportunity to expand into the very interesting and fast-growing energy market.

- Combine has mainly worked with the automotive industry, the defense industry and medical technology, businesses with physical products, "physical phenomena". It is therefore a natural step to start working with the energy market, which is very much a physical phenomenon.

The fact that Combine works in the automotive industry, for example, will be an advantage for Netgroup Energy's customers by making technology from other industries available to the energy industry. 

- The car industry, for example, uses AI. How can this knowledge be applied to the energy sector and adapted to the challenges there?

Mathematics, physics and programming
A common description of Combine is that it works at the intersection of mathematics, physics and programming.

- You could say that these areas of expertise are a kind of constant, no matter what industry you work in," says Simon Yngve, pointing to the expertise they have managed to gather at Combine.

- Of our staff, 80% have a Master's degree and 20% have a PhD, often in physics, nuclear physics, mathematics or related fields.

We at Netgroup Energy warmly welcome our new partner and all Combine employees.

Published: 2024 02 10