Mathias Thorsson new CEO at Netgroup Energy

Mathias Thorsson is the new CEO of the rapidly growing Netgroup Energy. With an extensive background in civil engineering and a focus on acquisitions, construction and real estate, infrastructure, energy and contracting, Mathias will lead the business at a time when the energy industry is undergoing strong growth and change.

Netgroup Energy's development curve has been pointing upwards for a number of years and the company has passed a turnover of SEK 100 million. At the same time, the energy industry in Sweden is undergoing strong development and for those who have framework agreements with the industry's major players, the future looks very bright.

- The need in our market is great and Netgroup Energy has very good framework agreements that we have nurtured and maintained for many years," says Mathias Thorsson, who took over as CEO of Netgroup Energy at the turn of the year.

Broad experience provides new perspectives
Mathias has a solid background in the civil engineering industry with roles as CEO, division manager, regional manager and other senior positions. He already has extensive experience in energy, especially nuclear power, but is not specialized in the area, but comes into his new role with broad experience, which opens up exciting perspectives in the dialogue with Netgroup Energy's customers, partners and owners.

- At my last employer, I was in the group management team with responsibility for acquisitions. Over the years, I have created relationships and networks with companies that may be interesting as partners or suppliers to Netgroup Energy in the future. Before that, I was responsible for a division with a focus on urban development and construction and real estate, which can also be an asset for Netgroup Energy, which wants to strengthen itself in that area.

Attracted by strong industry where there is high pressure
Mathias says that what attracts him to Netgroup Energy is to come to a strong supplier in an industry where there is currently high pressure.

- Netgroup Energy's development curve has pointed strongly upwards for many years and there is nothing to say that this development will not continue for us, given the state of the market. We have the framework agreements and the energy market's need for our services is great, so it feels like the future and development for us is extremely exciting.

- If you just look at the nuclear side, a lot has happened. In addition to operating nuclear power plants, two new businesses have been created in the form of decommissioning and initiatives for new nuclear power. So our market has broadened and the demand for expertise is very high.

New potential partners and suppliers
The market's needs are so great that there is room for Netgroup Energy to take on additional partners. This is particularly true in areas such as the environment, early stages and construction companies, which are all fields that Netgroup Energy wants to cover.

- Netgroup Energy has two important success factors: firstly, that everyone in the network is so customer-focused, and secondly, that they manage to avoid an internal competition situation. In conclusion, Mathias encourages anyone interested in exploring what it means to be a partner in Netgroup Energy to contact Mathias.

Published: 2024 02 10