Netgroup Energy turns ten years old

2024 is the tenth anniversary of Netgroup Energy. Rapid, continuous growth, well-maintained framework agreements with the energy industry's major players and a really good ability to cooperate with both customers and partners are some of the success factors.

Right from the start in 2014, the ability to collaborate has been a key factor for Netgroup Energy. Two companies, Infotiv and FS Dynamics, were suppliers to Vattenfall, but in limited areas. Vattenfall demanded broader delivery and greater volume.

Alf Berndtsson, Chairman of the Board of Netgroup Energy, talks about the early days.

- Through Netgroup Engineering, which serves the automotive industry, Infotiv and FS Dynamics had gotten to know each other very well. It soon turned out that Conmore, also part of Netgroup Engineering, was interested in working with nuclear power. "We had a good dialog and decided to join forces and form Netgroup Energy.

A success story
Since then, Netgroup Energy has grown continuously and become a success story. Gradually, more companies have become partners in Netgroup Energy, companies that have nothing to do with the automotive industry, but are instead completely niched towards the energy sector. Now, ten years later, Netgroup Energy has a very strong offering of services for the energy sector and new partner companies such as Lexcon and Riskpilot.

- The key is the good and close cooperation between our companies, which all deliver niche services. The power of collaboration is much greater and more joyful than you might imagine. It can be one of the most important qualities in our industry, to make things happen over time and at the same time build trust," says Alf Berndtsson.

Netgroup Energy has grown every year during its ten-year journey, even when times have been tough and general market volumes have declined. Today, Netgroup Energy has a turnover of just over SEK 110 million.

More partner companies welcomed for the future
- Going from a modest turnover to today's level in ten years is a fantastic development. We believe that we will continue to grow and that there will be new niches and new competence needs. There will be a need for more companies, more players, working together in the Netgroup Energy sphere. Today we have a lot of companies standing at the door wanting to join the network, and there are opportunities for them if they fit in and have the right attitude.

So, Netgroup Energy has every reason to feel proud when putting ten energy-rich candles in the birthday cake and in 2024 this fun anniversary will be celebrated in various ways throughout the year.

Published: 2024 02 10