Alcohol and drug policy


The aim is to prevent employees from being excluded from working life due to alcohol and drug abuse. Entertainment with alcohol may occur, but it is not acceptable to be intoxicated in the workplace during working hours. The company does not accept the use of illegal drugs in any context.


If alcohol or other drug abuse is suspected, the employer may test the employee for alcohol and drugs through an occupational health service or equivalent.

In the case of assignments with customers, it is the employee's responsibility to read and follow the respective customer's guidelines, also with regard to drugs. Employees who refuse to participate in sampling, initiated by the employer or customer, are handled in the same way as employees who test positive.

Action plan and rehabilitation

If substance abuse is detected, the employee is obliged to be involved in his or her own rehabilitation. A rehabilitation contract, which is an agreement between the employer and the addicted employee, is drawn up. Follow-up is done in cooperation with the occupational health service or equivalent. If the employee discontinues treatment or continues his or her addiction, the company can reassign the employee and, as a last resort, consider the employee's future in the company.