We think about the big picture when creating solutions

Netgroup Energy wants to be a partner that can take overall responsibility for the solution, organization, project management and results.

Here are some of the areas we deliver in.

  • Surveys & Analysis
    • Surveys & Analysis
    • PSA/DSA
    • Asset Management
    • Design by Analysis (CFD & FEM)
    • FFS - Fitness For Service / Accessibility
  • Construction
    • Process and plant design
    • Electricity, I&C
    • Mechanical construction
  • MTO
    • HFE in the construction process
    • Safety culture assessment
    • Organizational analysis
    • Root cause analysis
  • Project implementation
    • Technical project management and administration
    • Assembly line
    • Quality management, V&V and documentation
  • Radiation protection
    • ALARA, back budget
  • Waste management
    • Waste plans
    • Waste descriptions
  • Licensing
    • New regulations (KAD, KÄKA)
  • HSE
    • Chemical management
    • Risk analysis, safety rounds


Netgroup Energy is certified for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.


Become part of Netgroup Energy!

Netgroup Energy consists of a network with some of the industry's sharpest consulting companies and we say that we deliver "excellence in collaboration". We are constantly working to adapt the network to best meet our customers' needs.

Some of our partners are generalists and others are specialists. This diversity is necessary to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Does your company want to contribute to the breadth or depth of Netgroup Energy? Get in touch with us and let's look into the future together.